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write XML in title

Text to xml, tab to xml, csv to xml soft Text to xml, tab to xml, csv to xml software to convert text,csv.
Size: 1.95MB
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Wysiwyg xml smart movie software 160by2 sms software  
Text to XML/CSV to XML/Tab to XML software Convert text/txt, csv, and tab delimited files into xml files.
Size: 1.95MB
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convert csv to xml tab to xml CSV File TAB tab to csv  
Text to XML/CSV to XML/Tab to XML This application will enable you to easily convert several types of files and create XMLs.
Size: 1.7 MB
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conversion text to xml csv to xml tab to xml txt2xml  
Text to xml, tab to xml, csv to xml software to convert text,csv, and tab delimited files to xml Sof Text to xml, tab to xml, csv to xml software to convert text,csv, and tab delimited files to xmlEasily convert text/txt, csv, and tab delimited files and txt files into xml files using this text to cs
Size: 1.91 MB
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CSV Files convert csv to xml CSV to Text Convert CSV  
Rainbow Live XML Editor - a lite XML CMS for Flash Rainbow is a free online XML editor that can be used as a very simple CMS for small to medium based websites.
Size: 499K
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Free Rainbow Screensaver  
Free XML Schema Editor (Liquid XML Studio) FREE Graphical XSD and XML Editor. A fully featured XML Development Studio, including graphical and text based XML Schema Editor, and XML editor with advanced validation and intellisense. Features you
Size: 9620K
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editor mixpoint editor graphical band XML signer XML  

write XML in tags

SXMLEd A XML editor for you to use.
Size: 273 KB
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editor edit display edit XML XML editor write XML  
Mini-XML Mini-XML is a small XML parsing library that you can use to read XML and XML-like data files
Size: 221 KB
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Reader Read XML signer sign XML XML write view XML  
XMLReadWrite Reader and write XML files with this tool.
Size: 23 KB
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Read write write XML Writer XML reader PES-Files reader  
XML Writer Creates MP3 tag XML files and validates them
Size: 314 KB
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mp3 tag XML write write XML Writer validate xml XML tag  
codefunk XML Editor Edit your XML files fast and easy.
Size: 521 KB
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editor edit write edit XML XML editor write XML easy edit  
SimpleUBL A complete Universal Business Language implementation library for C++
Size: 12.45MB
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development Library develop write XML development library  

write XML in description

Xml Object Mapper With Xml Object Mapper, you will be able to read and write XML values or rapidly create new XML nodes at run time.
Size: 44 KB
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net XML Object XML Object .NET object NET 2 XML  
rP-XML With this library, you can: Make your objects persist through XML files (read/write XML files) Construct an intermediate "tree" representation of your class data (not actually create XML) Populate the...
Size: 1.4 MB
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class data Tree XML library XML-RPC library xml file  
wxXrcWriter This application comes to solve an usual problem that the XRC feature of wxPython has and that is the fact that XML is not very easy to write or read. This feature allows you to sperate the GUI design...
Size: 10 KB
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Create generate xrc code snippet create xrc file  
STS XML Library Standard Edition parse and write multiple XML documents. This version does not come with DTD support. The library comes as an unlocked stack so you can modify the scripts for custom behaviors. To purchase the Standard...
Size: N/A
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microsoft works free spss student trial  
Maps Package There are very easy to customize via XML. You don't need to know Flash. The maps are 100% vectorial graphic. Get 20 maps at the price of 6. This package contains: XML Canada Map, XML USA Map, XML Cent...
Size: 0.1MB
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oXygen XML Editor, Schema Editor and XSLT Debugger It offers a powerful and intelligent code insight that guides the user to write valid XML content.
Size: 24603K
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XSLT editor XSLT Debugger XML debugger free XSLT